Rabia Latif, Ghulam Mustafa Lodhi, Muhammad Aslam


Background: Calcium ions are vital in many biological processes including hormonal secretion,
mitosis, reproduction, fertility and regulation of gene expression. Thus, calcium antagonists who are
frequently prescribed for the cure of cardiovascular diseases may affect any of these physiological
processes. Methods: This quasi experimental study was done at Army Medical College, Rawalpindi
from October 2007 to March 2008. Thirty male Sprague Dawley rats, purchased from National Institute
of Health, Islamabad were divided into group A (vehicle treated controls) and group B (amlodipine
treated). After receiving drug treatment for 50 days, all the rats were sacrificed. Serum was stored to
measure testosterone by enzyme immunoassay technique. The testes were removed for measuring
absolute testicular weight and gonado-somatic index. Results: Serum testosterone, absolute testicular
weight and gonado-somatic index were found to be significantly reduced in amlodipine treated rats.
Conclusion: These results suggest that long term treatment with amlodipine might be associated with
significant testicular regression and reduction in serum testosterone. Furthermore, since dihydopyridine
antagonists are widely used in hypertension, our data may have some clinical implication in the
management of infertility associated with hypertension.
Keywords: adverse effects, calcium channel blocker, amlodipine, testosterone, testis, gonadosomatic index


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