Abdul Wahab Yousafzai, Shakila Bano, Sheraz Ahmad Khan


Suicide is a public health problem worldwide. More than one million people kill themselves every year. Suicide is a complex issue with biological, psychological and social etiological factors. Depression is the main pathway which leads to suicidal behavior. Suicide is the second leading cause of death in the young age group. There is a steady rise in suicides over the last decade, globally. The rise is more alarming in Asian countries, contributing more than 60% to the world statistics. Pakistan is a South Asian country with a weak health system and meagre mental health resources. In Pakistan, various reports point towards shocking suicide rates with exponential rise over the years. There is a dire need to address the issue by adopting a holistic approach, taking into account the biological, psychological and social factors.

Keywords: Suicide; Suicidal behaviour; Depression; Common mental disorders

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