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  • Zaland Ahmed Yousafzai Rehman Medical College Rehman Medical Institute
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  • Qazi Kamran Amin Rehman Medical Institute
  • Ihtesham Shafiq Rehman Medical Institute



neurology, valporate, encephalopathy


Valproate is a commonly prescribed anticonvulsant drug. It has a potential to cause hyperammonemia even in the presence of normal liver function tests. This hyperammonemic state can lead to encephalopathy referred as Valproate induced hyperammonemic encephalopathy (VHE). Here we present a case of valproate induced hyperammonemic encephalopathy in a young male caused by initiation of valproate therapy.

Author Biographies

Wajeeha Qayyum, Rehman Medical Institute

Senior Registrar  Medicine and Allied

Zaland Ahmed Yousafzai, Rehman Medical College Rehman Medical Institute

Inter (House Officer) at Rehman Medical Institute

Muhammad Shahid Iqbal, Rehman Medical Institute

Consultant Neurologist  

Sohail Khan, Rehman Medical Institute

Consultant Neurologist Rehamn Medical Institute

Qazi Kamran Amin, Rehman Medical Institute

Medical Officer Medicine and Allied

Ihtesham Shafiq, Rehman Medical Institute

Trainee PGY 3 General Medicine


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