• Kaweeta Kumari
  • Naresh Kumar Seetlani
  • Rehana Akhter


Background: Viral hepatitis is a global problem affecting millions of people including pregnant females. Viral hepatitis during pregnancy is associated with both maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity. This study was an attempt to assess the seropositive status of hepatitis-B and C infection among pregnant women in Karachi, Pakistan. Methods: This cross sectional observational study was conducted at Sir Syed College of Medical Sciences and Trust Hospital, Karachi from January to September 2012. Patients were recruited by consecutive sampling. At the booking visit, blood was drawn and tested for HbsAg and Anti HCV by Eliza method. Results: Among the screened population, 2% were reactive for HBV and 13.3% were found reactive for HCV. All HbsAg and HCV positive pregnant patients had one or more than one delivery. Conclusion: In our study sample, high frequency of HBV and HCV is suggestive of the importance of antenatal screening of these viral diseases, which has impact on the mother as well as the new born baby. HCV was more common as compared to HBV which is quite alarming.Keywords: Hepatitis-B Virus, Hepatitis-C Virus, Pregnancy, Liver disease, prevalence, risk factor.


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