• Ali S. Al- Ghonaim
  • Saad R. Al- Qassam
  • Omar Kujan
  • Bassel Tarakji
  • Azzegahiby S
  • Azzegahiby I
  • Richard K.H. Wyse
  • Mohammed W. Al- Rabia
  • Faris Q.B. Alenzi


Background: Wheat allergy has been suggested to represent an important allergic disease. This study collates clinical and laboratory aspects in patients with wheat allergy in Al-Kharj city, Saudi Arabia. Methods: Total and specific IgE were measured in 15 suspected cases of wheat allergy. Protein allergenicity was assessed with Western blotting. Results: Significant elevation of total and specific IgE was found in 4 cases. Basophlia was also demonstrated on blood film. Western blotting results showed 2 bands (83 and 40 kDa). Conclusion: Wheat allergy must also be considered when planning treatment of asthma and eczema of adult patients.Keywords: Allergy, IgE, Asthma, Eczema, Wheat, Saudi Arabia


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