• Nawaz MS Nawaz
  • Yazdanie N Yazdanie
  • Faheemuddin M Faheemuddin


Radicular cysts are the most common odontogenic cystic lesions of inflammatory origin which can bemanaged by marsupialisation specially if the cyst is large and is in relation to the vital structures. Thisarticle presents a case in which a radicular cyst was present in association with grossly cariousdeciduous molars and has been treated by marsupialisation. Postoperatively a surgical splint wasinserted to maintain the patency of the bone cavity. This obturator splint also acts as a space maintainerto prevent space loss and ensure unimpeded eruption of permanent premolars.Keywords: Marsupialisation, Space Maintainer, Obturator, Mandibular Splint, Mix Dentition Stage,Radicular cyst


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