• Mohammad Ali Suhail
  • M. Saleh Khaskeli
  • Ameer Hamza


Background: Chronic renal failure needs substitutive treatment such as haemodialysis and peritonealdialysis for the patients to survive. Kidney transplantation improves survival of patients with chronicrenal failure. This study was conducted to identify the pattern, management and outcome of urologicalcomplications in first post-transplant year in 50 cases of renal transplant recipients. Methods: Thiscase series study was conducted in the Department of Urology and Transplantation, Mayo Hospital,Lahore, during the period of three years, from Jan 2006 to Dec 2008. All 50 patients were admittedthrough outdoor department, Dialysis Unit, and directly referred from other hospitals. Donor andrecipient were evaluated thoroughly by history, examination, and laboratory investigations. All donorswere live related donors. After getting the proper tissue typing and HLA-matching transplant wasdone and recipients were thoroughly observed for the development of any urological complication infirst post-transplant year. Results: Total 8 (16%) subjects developed complications. Urinary leakagewas noticed in 3 patients. In one patient leakage stopped spontaneously while in remaining twopatients surgical procedure was carried out. Two patients developed uro-sepsis due to intractable UTI.Both were successfully treated with broad spectrum anti biotic. Ureteric stenosis was noticed in 2subjects. Indwelling JJ stent was placed in one case while remaining case was dealt withuretroneocystostomy. One cases developed Vesico-ureteric reflux. He was treated surgically.Conclusion: Early diagnosis and treatment of urological complication may prevent the furthermorbidity and decline in graft function.Keywords: pattern, complications, management, post-transplant, first year


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