Anterior cruciate ligament injuries are very commonly encountered during routine MRI reporting and various signs have been described for their identification. However, the diagnosis of isolated bundle tears is difficult using MRI, thus can be easily overlooked, especially isolated tear of posterolateral bundle. We present a case of a young male with “Gap” and “Footprint” signs on MRI knee joint, which are considered highly specific of posterolateral ACL bundle tear.Keywords: Anterior cruciate ligament; Posterolateral bundle; Foot print sign; Gap sign; ACL partial tear

Author Biographies

Naveed Mazhar, Dallah Hospital Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Senior RegistrarRadiology DepartmentDallah HospitalRiyadh, Saudi Arabia

Uzma Saeed, Dallah Hospital Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Senior RegistrarRadiology DepartmentDallah HospitalRiyadh, Saudi Arabia


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