• Zahid M Bahli
  • Kathy Kennedy


Spontaneous rupture of spleen is a rare entity in the world of obstetrics and gynaecology. Theobstetricians-gynaecologist has to confront with ruptured spleen sometimes in their practice.Ruptured spleen is not uncommon in trauma and some surgical procedures in upper abdomen.Splenic rupture after hysterectomy is exceedingly rare occurrence. However it should beconsidered as part of diagnostic workup in any unstable post hysterectomy subject with highdegree of suspicion along with other differential diagnosis. Early reorganisation of this potentiallylife-threatening complication is very important for the wellbeing of patient and carries medicolegal significance as well. We are reporting fourth case of spontaneous rupture spleen afterabdominal hysterectomy found in the literature along with literature review and update on thetopic regarding its diagnostic criteria.Keywords: Spontaneous rupture, rupture, spleen, complications, hysterectomy, post hysterectomy


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