• Rahat -un- Nisa
  • M.H. Khairandeish
  • K. Mazloom


Abstract: Four hundred married teenage pregnant patients were interviewed at the time of admission forlabour to the obstetrical service of Shiraz University Medical Centre, Shiraz, Iran. Their prenatal course,method of delivery, hospital course, and pregnancy outcome were reviewed. The majority of patients werenot registered for prenatal care and had been referred to the Medical Centre after complicated labour haddeveloped. Generally, these patients represented the lower socio-economic level, had minimal educationalbackground, lacked information and motivation for contraception or prenatal care and in many cases weretreated by poorly trained midwives as normal obstetrical patients, hence the high incidence of pregnancycomplications, difficult deliveries and fetal morbidity and mortality. Forty per cent of the patients representeda changing social movement in Iran from rural nomadic existences to industrialization and urbanization.


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