• Mukhtar Ahmad Wahid
  • George Kuruppacheril Abraham
  • Saud Abu Hamid


ABSTRACTSera from 22 patients (16 males + 6 females) with electrophoretically and immunologicallysecured diagnosis of monoclonal gammopathy were tested for various biochemical parameters. Thefinal clinical diagnosis showing gamma-globulinemias in them was in the order of multiplemyeloma (MM) 20 nos, Waldenstrom macroglobulinemia (MW) 1 no. and light chain disease(LCD) 1 no. The incidence of plasma cell neoplasm among Saudis is not very rare. The predominanttype is IgG myeloma (74%) with a kappa to lambda ratio of 2: 1. Bence Jones Proteinuria iscomparatively less common. Elevated levels of gamma glutamy l transpeptidase (GGT) in a goodnumber of patients indicate the high occurrence of hepatic involvement in such patients.


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