• Mohammad Shahnawaz
  • Mohammad Ibrahim


A study of 20 married primarily infertile female patients, aged 22-30 years, without any other constitutionaldisease and with husbands having normal sperm counts, to determine the incidence of therapeutic openingof the fallopian tubes during hysterosalpingography. Hysterosalpingography was performed using watersoluble contrast medium with an improved method of upto 3 consecutive injections during a singleexamination. In these patient’s fallopian tubes opened up on repeated injections of 10-20 ml of contrastmedium. 20 patients were followed-up to monitor the incidence of conception. 25% conceived within the firstthree months of the procedure. 10% conceived in six months’ time. 35% of these started other medications,hence were excluded from the study. In 30% opening of the fallopian failed to yield any benefit. Study bringsto light the therapeutic advantages of hysterosalpingography in addition to its known diagnostic value.KEY WORDS: Hysterosalpingography, Primary infertility, Radiology of female genital tract


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