• Salma Aslam Kundi
  • Mary Forsling
  • Haluk Kelemistur


Ovariectomy of the mature female rat results in a fall in the plasma vasopressin concentrationalthough the ovarian content of the hormone is low. To investigate this further, functional ovariectomy wasdone in the rats by administration of an antioestrogen acting drug (Tamoxifen).Studies performed on female rats indicated significant reductions in uterine weight and plasmavasopressin levels.The uterine weights decreased from 206.9 mg 1100 gm body weight in control group to 142.2 mg/100 gm body weight in experimental group.Plasma vasopressin levels decreased from 1.15 microunits /ml in the control group to 0.38microunits /ml in the experimental group.The study confirms that like surgically ovariectomized rats, Junctional ovariectomy also causesdecreases in uterine weights and plasma vasopressin levels.


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