• Rizwan Ishtiaq Houston Methodist Hospital, Houston, TX
  • Arslan Naeem Maricopa Integrated Health System Phoenix, AZ
  • Iqbal Ratnani Houston Methodist Hospital, Houston, TX


Liposarcoma arising in the thoracic cavity is a rare entity. It is usually found in the retroperitoneal space and the extremities. No case of thoracic liposarcoma in a patient suffering from the end-stage renal disease has been reported in the literature. We herein present the first case of thoracic liposarcoma in a patient suffering from the end-stage renal disease. Metabolic disturbances, increased use of erythropoietin and increased diagnostic workup attributes to greater risk of cancer in patients suffering from renal failure. A chemotherapeutic drug, Trabectedin has been approved for advanced liposarcoma. Prognosis of such tumours depends on the size, location, and their histological subtype.Keyword: End-stage renal disease, Erythropoietin, Liposarcoma, Thoracic cavity, Trabectedin

Author Biographies

Rizwan Ishtiaq, Houston Methodist Hospital, Houston, TX

Department of Critical Care Medicine

Arslan Naeem, Maricopa Integrated Health System Phoenix, AZ

Department of Internal Medicine

Iqbal Ratnani, Houston Methodist Hospital, Houston, TX

Department of Critical Care Medicine


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