• Farzana Memon
  • Shankar Lal Rathi
  • Manzoor H. Memon


Background: To evaluate pattern and frequency of solid malignant tumour in paediatric agegroup in our region. Methods: A retrospective study of 113 patients, whose surgical biopsiessubmitted in histopathology section of Pathology department, LUMHS Jamshoro from January2001 to December 2005. Results: Total of 113 cases, 61 male and 52 female children in age groupfrom 4 months to 15 years were diagnosed as solid malignant tumour with M/F ratio of 1.79:1 andmean age of 6.6 year. Maximum no. of patients was in 0–4 age 50.4%, followed by 32.7% in 4–9and 16.8% in 10–15 years. The five most common tumours were Retinoblastoma 38.9%, Wilm’stumour 13.2%, Brain tumour (Glial tumours) 10.6%, Hodgkin disease 9.7% and soft tissuesarcomas 9.7%. Retinoblastoma and Wilm’s tumour were common in 0–4 year age group, whereas rest of tumour were more frequent in 5–9 and 10–15 years age group. Brain tumours and softtissue sarcomas were common in females, while Hodgkin’s disease was more common in males.Conclusion: Retinoblastoma was most common solid malignant tumour in early age group. Itcalls for ophthalmologic screening of all children below 1 year and high risk children until the ageof 7 year, in order to detect retinoblastoma as early as possible.Keywords: Paediatric cancer; Retinoblastoma.


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