• Nafeesa Batool Kazmi Nishtar Hospital, Multan
  • Kumail Sajjad Postgraduate medical Institute, General Hospital, Lahore
  • Fouzia Waqar Nishter Hospital, Multan
  • Saqib U Khan Red Crescent medical college, Lahore
  • Abdul Ghafar Postgraduate medical Institute, General Hospital, Lahore


Venolymphatic malformations (VLM) are the rare congenital disorders but the parotid gland VLMs are the rarest. Most of the parotid lesions present with unilateral swellings. Aetiology is unknown. Interestingly, this case came in OPD with the macroglossia and only complaint was cosmetic problem. Diagnosis was confirmed on the basis of Magnetic resonance imaging which is gold standard. Doppler ultrasonography showed low flow. Intra lesion electro cautery was done. There is need to focus on malformations and work to find out the causes.      Keywords: Venolymphtic malformation; Parotid gland Venolymphatic malformation; Marcoglossia; Parotid Gland

Author Biographies

Nafeesa Batool Kazmi, Nishtar Hospital, Multan

Postgraduate trainee, Pediatric ward

Kumail Sajjad, Postgraduate medical Institute, General Hospital, Lahore

Postgraduate trainee, department of surgery, Postgraduate medical Institute, General Hospital, Lahore

Fouzia Waqar, Nishter Hospital, Multan

Professor, Pediatric ward

Saqib U Khan, Red Crescent medical college, Lahore

Senior Registrar, Deparment of Surgery

Abdul Ghafar, Postgraduate medical Institute, General Hospital, Lahore

Senior Registrar,  department of surgery, Postgraduate medical Institute, General Hospital, Lahore


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