Eitezaz Ahmed Bashir, Samiullah Samiullah, Muhammad Attique Sadiq, Omamah Yusuf, Khan Karim


A trichobezoar may be confined to the stomach or unusually it may extend from stomach to the
small intestine or beyond when it is labelled as Rapunzel syndrome. Bezoars are concretions in the
gastrointestinal tract that increase in size by continuous accumulation of non-absorbable food or
fibre. Most bezoars in children are trichobezoars from swallowed hair. Repunzal syndrome is an
uncommon condition in children with less than 40 cases reported. We present a case of an 8 year old
girl with Rapunzel syndrome. She presented with vague abdominal pain and epigastric fullness of
one year duration. On investigation she was found to have a trichobezoar. At laparotomy a large
dark foul smelling trichobezoar that occupied the stomach, duodenum and proximal jejunum was
removed via gastrostomy.
Keywords: Trichobezoar, abdominal mass, Rapunzel syndrome

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