Quratulain Fatima Masood, Tahawar Khaleeq, Quratulain Khan, Saba Abbasi, Sameen Arshad, Farah Bano, Danish Pervaiz


A 58-year-old woman presented with an unexpected episode of vomiting and an acute abdomen.
The patient mentioned a vague history of decreased appetite dyspepsia and constipation.
Abdominal X-Ray revealed gas under diaphragm. An Open laparotomy was carried out to
evacuate the free gas trapped under the diaphragm. The condition is almost always associated with
perforation of abdominal viscera and accumulation of air during surgical or gynaecological
procedures or peritoneal dialysis. In the reported case, laparotomy revealed no sign of perforation
in GIT, uterine fundus or fistulas and nor did the have patient have any history of surgical or
gynaecological procedures. This lead to suggestion of spontaneous or non-surgical
pneumoperitonium which is extremely rare. Extensive investigations revealed no known cause
pneumoperitonium making our case rare and unique.
Keywords: pneumoperitonium; non-surgical pneumoperitonium, diaphragm, pneumoperitonei


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