Mir Hassan Khan, Attia Azim, Faiza Banuri, Neelum Mabood, Zardad Ali


Parasitic infection and Hb level of 230 school children at Peshawar University were observed
during October, 1992 to May, 1993.
The overall infection rate was 29.1% of which 6% showed mixed infection. Among positive
eases Ascaris lumbricoids was the commonest (38.8%), followed by Hymenolepis nana (26.9%).
E. Coli was present in 10.4% cases, G. Lambliain 9% cases and E. Histolytica in 6% cases. However,
the prevalence rale each for T. Saginate and E. Vermiculeris was 3%, while T. Trichiure and
Hookworm each was found in 1.5% eases.
The mean haemoglobin in healthy subject was 13.6 g/dl, while in infected subjects it was 11.4
g/dl. the difference was statistically significant (P<0.05).

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