• Lubna Kamani
  • Saeed Sadiq Hamid
  • Faisal Wasim Ismail
  • Syed Waqas Haider
  • Safia Awan
  • Ashfaq Ahmed
  • Wasim Jafri


Background: Hepatitis-E is an enterically transmitted virus causing acute hepatitis. Mostly it is a self-limiting clinical course, but can be life threatening in certain high risk groups. Pakistan is endemic for Hepatitis-E with limited published literature. The aim of this study is to evaluate the predictors of mortality in patients with acute Hepatitis-E. Methods: We analyzed the medical records of 369 adult patients with Hepatitis-E infection admitted at Aga khan University Hospital, from January 1996 to December 2010. Details of their laboratory investigations, clinical course and complications such as FHF and mortality were noted. The outcome was compared, and determinants of mortality were evaluated in important patient subgroups. Results: Out of 369 patients with Hepatitis-E, 326 (88.3%) were discharged after full recovery. Out of these 22 (6%) patients had chronic liver disease CLD in this study, of whom 10 (2.7%) expired (p-value <0.001). There were about 67 (18%) pregnant patients, with a mean gestational age of 29.19±7.68 weeks and 5 (1.4%) pregnant patients died (p-value=0.23). A total of 58 (15.7%) patients were co-infected with other hepatotropic virus, and a comparison did not find an increased risk of mortality in this group. Conclusion: This study showed that Hepatitis-E is significantly associated with mortality in patients suffering from pre-existing chronic liver disease. Pregnancy was not a determinant of mortality in Hepatitis-E patients in this study, and neither was co-infection with other Hepatotropic viruses.Keywords: Acute Hepatitis, Hepatitis-E, Hepatitis.


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