• Abdul Latif Khattak
  • Waqar Ali
  • Naseer Ahmad Samore
  • Muhammad Idris
  • Muhammad Nadir Khan
  • Waseem Pasha


Despite recent advancements in diagnostic and treatment modalities, malaria is still one of the most prevalent human diseases with high mortality and morbidity. We described a case of 45 years old man with Plasmodium falciparum malaria primarily presenting with myocarditis. The possibility of malaria was subsequently considered when he developed fever followed by signs of cerebral involvement. This happens to be a distinctly unusual presentation and we highlighted various features of this case. Thus in hyperendemic areas complicated Plasomdium falciparum malaria may present initially with atypical features and high index of suspicion may lead to prompt early aggressive antimalarial therapy and reduce the complications.Keywords: Plasomdium falciparum, myocarditis, complications malaria


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