• Nadia Waheed
  • Muhammad Asghar Butt


Background: Febrile seizure a common convulsion disorder in children, can lead to increasedmorbidity and mortality because of risk of aspiration and hypoxia during prolonged febrile seizures.There are many risk factors associated with febrile seizures and their recurrence. We conducted thisstudy to see if there is a role of iron status in febrile seizures. Methods: This cross-sectional study wasconducted in 323 children 6 months to 5 years of age admitted in department of Paediatric DHQHospital Faisalabad with fever and seizures from July 2009 to April 2011. Iron deficiency anaemiaincluding haemoglobin concentration (Hb), Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV), Mean CorpuscularHaemoglobin (MCH) and Plasma Ferritin were measured. Results: Febrile seizures were morecommon between ages 12 months to 36 months. Of 323 children with febrile seizures 17 (5.3%) wereiron deficient. Mean Hb was 11.71±1.38 g/dL, mean MCV 78.40±3.29, mean MCH 27.11±3.28, andmean ferritin was 66.57±24.7. Conclusion: Iron deficiency anaemia was not common in patients withseizures. Iron status has no role in febrile seizures.Keywords: Iron deficiency anaemia, febrile seizures


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