• Kashif Nisar
  • Khalid Hayat Khan
  • Mubashir Shah


Background: In the recent past doctors own physical and mental health care has been a focus ofresearch worldwide. The estimated suicide rate among doctors is approximately one per day.Various other studies reveal high scores of anxiety, depression, job dissatisfaction and burnouts.The study was carried out to determine the prevalence of anxiety and depression in doctorsundergoing various postgraduate training courses at AFPGMI, Rawalpindi. Methods: This crosssectional study was carried out from June to December 2010 at Armed Forces PostgraduateMedical Institute, Rawalpindi. All willing available trainee doctors were included in the study.Urdu version of Beck’s anxiety and depression scale was used. Results: Average anxiety score ofall doctors was (8.05). The anxiety score was 15.7 in ENT, 12.0 in Pathology, 8.5 in Medicine, 7in Basic Medical Sciences, 5.7 in Ophthalmology, 3.61 in Surgery, 3.3 in Radiology, and 3.05 inGeneral Duty Medical Officers. With overall average score of (9.2), the average score ondepression was highest in Anaesthesiology (20), followed by Radiology (10.05), Pathology(10.02), Basic Medical Sciences (9) Ophthalmology (8.2), Medicine (7), and General DutyMedical Officers (4.1). Conclusion: This study reveals an important area of doctors’ own healthwhich remains relatively neglected. Rectification measures are required to reduce anxiety/depression, and mortality and morbidity among doctors.Keywords: Anxiety, Depression, Doctors, Morbidity


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