• Rikki Singal
  • Samita Gupta
  • Bir Singh


Retroperitoneal mesenteric cyst is a rare entity among the other mesenteric cysts and intra-abdominaltumours. A 42-year-old woman reported with pain abdomen off and on since one month. There wereno other complaints. On ultrasonography a mesenteric cyst was diagnosed. Surgery was planned whichrevealed a retroperitoneal mesenteric cyst. Enucleation of the cyst was done. In follow-up of 6 monthspatient is asymptomatic. We are reporting a rarely reported retroperitoneal mesenteric cyst in themesentery of the descending colon or sigmoid.Keywords: intra-abdominal, colon, retroperitoneal cyst, enucleation, management


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