• Sarwat Navid
  • Shahida Arshad
  • Qurat -ul- Ain
  • Raabia Arshad Meo


Background: Uterine fibroids or leiomyomas are benign tumours that develop in the uterus, a femalereproductive organ. These cause severe complications in females during pregnancy. This study wasconducted to see the impact of leiomyoma in pregnant females to make decision for its management infuture. Methods: During one year of study, total 10,842 patients presented in CMH Lahore forantenatal check-up were included in the study. Out of them, 80 patients had leiomyoma in firsttrimester. They were followed during antenatal period. Maternal age, parity, size of fibroid,complications during pregnancy, labour and delivery, mode of delivery and indications of caesareansection were noted. Results: The prevalence of fibroids (≥5 Cm) in pregnant females was 0.74%. Themost common complication observed was PPH (31, 38.75%) cases. Miscarriage occurred in 8 (10%)cases, cord prolepses was observed in 6 (7.5%) cases, placental abruption in 6 (7.5%) cases, placentaprevia in 2 (2.5%) cases and retained placenta was observed in 1 (1.25%) case. Breech presentation wasfound in 10 (12.5%) cases and abdominal hysterectomy was done in 10 (12.5%) cases. Preterm labouroccurred in 8 (10%) cases and IUGR was present in 5 (6.25%) cases. No maternal was reported duringthe study. Among all females, 64 (80%) continue their pregnancy up to term (37–40 weeks ofgestation), out of which vaginal delivery occurred in 19 (29.69%) while 45 (70.3%) had LSCS due tofailure in progress in 17 (37.8%), cord prolapsed in 6 (13.3%) cases, fibroid in lower segment in 3(6.7%) cases, breech presentation in 10 (22.2%) cases and low lying placenta in 2 (4.4%) cases.Conclusion: Pregnancy with fibroid is associated with increase in caesarean section rate especially dueto dysfunctional labour and malpresentation. There is also increase in incidence of postpartumhaemorrhage and associated hysterectomy.Keywords: Leiomyoma, Uterine Fibroids, Benign Uterine Tumours


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