• Muhammad Athar Khan
  • Muhammad Mushtaq
  • Muhammad Zameer Ahmad
  • Hena Amir
  • Tariq Mahmood Bajwa
  • Shaikh Muhammad Laeeque


Background: The burden of geriatric diseases has a significant impact upon the socio-cultural, socioeconomic and administration of health services. The study was carried out to identify a burden ofgeriatric conditions, magnitude of disease problems and involvements of body systems in the parents ofmedical doctors from Lahore. Methods: After taking the consent, interview based active diseasesurveillance/information was collected from a total of 137 medical doctors and their parents. They wereinterviewed about the health status of their parents and recorded in a pre-tested questionnaire. Theprevalence of each system involved in each of the category of parents was compared by ANOVA at asignificant alpha level of 0.05. Results: Prevalence of cardiovascular diseases was the highest,(18.61%), followed by musculoskeletal (10.21%) and digestive system (9.12%). The ranking of othersystems in descending order was 4.74%, 3.64% and 1.82% for the respiratory system, urogenitalsystem, and ENT respectively due to single system involvement. A cumulative prevalence due to alldiseases in terms of disease load/burden of diseases in both mothers and fathers was 53.28% due tosingle system involvement and 67.51% because of multiple system involvement. Conclusion: Fiftythree percent of the older population, who were above the age of 60, were sick due to the involvementof one body system and sixty eight percent had multiple body systems involvement.Keywords Geriatrics, Morbidity, Prevalence, Ranking order, Burden, Pakistan


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