• Mir Zaman
  • Afzal Qadir
  • Maooz Maooz
  • Irfanullah Shah
  • Ishfaq -ur- Rehman
  • Tariq Farooq Babar


Background: Cataract surgery is constantly evolving and various procedures having their merits anddemerits are practiced by ophthalmologists all over the world. The objective of this study was toevaluate the safety, efficacy, visual outcome and complications of sutureless manual extracapsularcataract extraction (SMECE) in the management of patients with black cataracts using envelop anteriorcapsulotomy and soft shell technique. Methods: In a prospective observational study conducted atKhyber Institute of Ophthalmic Medical Sciences, Hayatabad Medical Complex, from January 2008 toDecember 2009, a total of 125 consecutive patients with black cataract underwent cataract extractionusing SMECE with an envelop or V-type anterior capsulotomy and soft shell technique. Theiroperative, postoperative complications, visual outcome and efficacy were analysed. Results: Of 125eyes with black cataracts SMECE was performed through a 12 O’clock sclerocorneal tunnel. The mainIntraoperative complication was hyphaema in 10 (8%) patients. Postoperatively 9 (7.2%) patients hadhyphaema. Fifteen (12%) eyes had some amount of striate keratitis superiorly. Twenty (16%) ofpatients had mild iritis. On 6th week follow-up 100 (80%) patients achieved uncorrected visual acuity of6/6 to 6/18. Conclusion: SMECE with envelop or V-type anterior capsulotomy and soft shell techniqueis a safe and effective technique of cataract extraction in Cataracta Nigra (black cataract).Keywords: Cataracta Nigra, sutureless/extracapsular cataract extraction, SMECE, visual outcome


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