• Anis -ur- Rehman
  • Azhar Munir Qureshi
  • Shehzad Najeeb
  • Tahir Saeed Siddiqui
  • Muhammad Idris
  • Tausif Ahmad


Background: Perinatal as well as neonatal mortality record in our country is one of the highest in theworld. Home deliveries, lack of adequate facilities, poverty and lack of education are some of theimportant known causes. The present study was planned to determine neonatal mortality in Hazara.Methods: Hospital records of neonatal admissions at Ayub Teaching Hospital (ATH) Abbottabad from1st January 2007–31st December 2007 were analysed retrospectively. Percent neonatal mortality wascalculated from the record, along with the causes of neonatal mortality. Results: A total of 1705neonates were admitted in the study period at the department of neonatology Ayub Teaching HospitalAbbottabad. Out of 1,705 neonates 947 (56%) were males while 857 (44%) were females with a male tofemale ratio of 1.24:1. Majority, 1,411 out of 1,705 (83%), of the neonates was admitted during the 1stweek of their life, mean age 6 days. Asphyxia, sepsis and prematurity were the three most commoncauses of neonatal admissions contributing 27%, 26% and 24% respectively. Overall mortality was 11%.Conclusion: Neonatal mortality is an important contributing factor to infant mortality in HazaraDivision. Majority of patients was admitted in the first week of life which indicates that good antenataland natal care can reduce the mortality and morbidity of our neonates. Improvement in the prenatal, nataland nursery care as a whole can reduce the neonatal mortality in preterm as well as full term neonates.Keywords: Neonatal Mortality, Morbidity, Asphyxia


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