• Syed Asad Ali
  • Abdul Ghani Soomro
  • Muhammad Jarwar
  • Abdul Sattar Memon
  • Akmal Jamal Siddiqui


Abstract: We present a case of giant gastric trichobezoar retrieved through a long gastrotomy in a 40years old married women from rural Sindh with unreported psychological disturbance. Trichobezoaralmost exclusively occur in females with an underlying psychiatric disorder. It has an insidiousdevelopment of symptoms which accounts for its delayed presentation and large size at the time ofdiagnosis. They are associated with trichophagia (habit of compulsive hair eating) and are usuallydiagnosed on CT Scans or upper GI Endoscopy. They can give rise to complications like gastroduodenal ulceration, haemorrhage, perforation, peritonitis or obstruction with a high rate of mortality.The treatment is endoscopic, laparoscopic or surgical removal and usually followed by psychiatricopinion.Keywords: Trichobezoar, Psychiatric Disorder, Management


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