• Mohammad Islam
  • Farid Anwar
  • Sajjad Ahmed
  • Azaz Ali


Background: Management of posterior urethral injuries with pelvic fracture remains a majorcontroversy and has always been a challenge to urologists. Objective of this study was to see theoutcome of optical internal urethrotomy in treatment of urethral strictures following fracturepelvis. Methods: This prospective study was conducted at the Urology Department, Lady ReadingHospital, Peshawar from January 2007 to July 2008. A total of 45 male patients (20–60 years of age)and having urethral strictures following fracture pelvis were treated with internal optical urethrotomy.Follow-up ranged from 3 months to 1 year. Results: Fracture pelvis resulting from the road trafficaccident, was the cause of urethral stricture. The good and fair results of internal optical urethrotomywere 68.56% patients who were treated with single internal optical urethrotomy. Internal opticalurethrotomy was repeated in 22.86% of patients. Clean intermittent self urethral dilatation was appliedas adjuvant treatment to prevent recurrence of stricture for variable period ranging from 1 to 3 months.Conclusion: Internal optical urethrotomy is safe and effective procedure for short yet inaccessiblestrictures from the perineum.Keywords: Pelvic Fracture, Stricture urethra, Internal optical urethrotomy, outcome, dilatation


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