• Nadeem Afzal
  • Khursheed Javed
  • Saleem -uz- Zaman
  • Asim Mumtaz
  • Shahid Hussain
  • Romeeza Tahir
  • Ikram Ullah
  • Muhammad Akram


Background: Tuberculosis is a fatal infectious disease, mainly caused by Mycobacteriumtuberculosis. Spread of TB is controlled by cell-mediated immunity. Purpose of this study was todetermine CD4+ and CD8+ T cell percentages in TB patients. Methods: 77 subjects consisted of39 patients of active tuberculosis and 37 normal healthy individuals were recruited for the study.Among patients, 27 were at different stages of anti-tuberculous therapy while rests of the patientswere not taking treatment. Sixteen patients were sputum positive for AFB while other patientswere sputum negative for AFB. T cells percentages were determined by flow cytometer. Results:In TB patients CD4+ and CD8+ T cells percentages were 34.4±9.8 and 32.0±9.8 while in controlsthese were 37.1±6.9 and 30.2±7.2 respectively but the difference was statistically insignificant.CD4+ T cell percentage in newly diagnosed TB patients was 28.8±8.7 while it was 37.9±8.9 in TBpatients who were on therapy and difference was statistically significant whereas difference inCD8+ T-cell percentages was statistically insignificant. A negative correlation between CD8+ Tcells percentage and the duration of ATT was found. Conclusion: CD4+ and CD8+ T-cellspercentages may help to find out the immune status of TB patients before and after the completionof ATT.Keywords: TB, CD4+, CD8+, ATT, AFB


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