• Asif Saeed
  • Muhammad Nawaz
  • Aysha Noreen
  • Sarfraz Ahmad


Background: Cholelithiasis is a common disorder affecting the females more commonly. Most of thepopulation carrying the gallstones remains asymptomatic, however biliary colic and acute cholecystitisis a common complication. Most surgeons agree that early cholecystectomy is safe and should be theprocedure of choice in acute cholecystitis. Objective of this study was to determine the frequency ofpatients with acute cholecystitis, and morbidity and mortality in such cases. Methods: A prospectivestudy, conducted at DHQ Hospital Abbottabad, and Yahya Welfare Hospital, Haripur simultaneouslyon 162 patients having symptomatic gall stones. All patients were admitted on presentation and surgicalintervention done within 72 hours on patients fit for surgery. Patients with cardiac problem, HCVpositive, and with radiologic evidence of Common Bile Duct (CBD) stones were excluded.Ultrasonography abdomen was the main investigation. Results: Postoperative complications, hospitalstay and return to routine activities was evaluated. The postoperative complications were seromaformation in 3 cases (1.9%), liver trauma resulting in bleeding and prolonged hospital stay in 1 case(0.6%). In 1 patient stones slipped into CBD resulting in CBD exploration. Conclusions: Earlycholecystectomy with upper right transverse incision and muscle retraction in acute cholecystitis is asafe, and cost effective procedure with fewer complications, better cosmesis and early return to work.Keywords: Gall stones, Cholecystitis, Bile leakage, CBD stones, Cholecystectomy


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