• Atiya Mahboob
  • Faryal Yaqub
  • Zahid Shahzad
  • Manaal Afzaal
  • Moazzum Hanif
  • Deeba Sattar Khan
  • Riffat Nasim
  • Aleena Khan


Keratosis follicularis or Darier’s disease (DD), a rare autosomal dominant disorder ischaracterised clinically by appearance of multiple, prurutic, discrete, scaly papules affectingseborrheic areas coupled with palmar pits, nail changes and mucosal involvement. Histologicalythe lesions show suprabasal clefts with acantholytic and dyskeratotic cells. We report a case of 35years old woman with typical clinical and histological features of Darier’s disease.Keywords: Autosomal dominant, palmar pits, suprabasal clefts, Darier’s disease


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