• Faraz Ahmed Bokhari
  • Tania A. Shakoori
  • Syed Ahmad A. Hassan
  • Hamid J. Qureshi
  • Ghulam A. Qureshi


Background: Few studies have studied the role of homocysteine in migraineurs and have producedconflicting results. The MTHFR C677T genotype has been associated with increased risk of migrainein selected clinical samples. We assessed the association of the MTHFR C677T variant with migraine,the corresponding homocysteine levels and their correlation. Method: We studied 27 random adultmigraineurs with aura (MWA), migraine without aura (MWOA), and 32 non-migraineurs (controls)from Lahore, Pakistan in this pilot study which is still under progress. Results: We found significantdifferences in homocysteine levels between various diagnostic groups (K-W test: p=0.005). One-wayANOVA, post-hoc tests revealed significant differences in homocysteine levels between Nonmigraineurs, MWA (p=0.002, CI: 1.93 – 9.19) and MWoA (p=0.002, CI: -9.19 – -1.9). We found asignificant association between the migraine group and C677T-MTHFR variant mutant allele (C/T)(p=0.039). We did not find a significant association between C677T-MTHFR variant andhomocysteine levels. Conclusion: In this pilot study, we found plasma homocysteine levels to besignificantly associated with MWOA. Additionally, plasma homocysteine levels were lower in MWAthan in MWOA. Furthermore, we did not find a relationship between homocysteine levels and theMTHFR variant (SNP rs1801133). Lastly, there may be a relationship between the MTHFR variant(SNP rs1801133) and migraine in this population.Keywords: Plasma homocysteine, Migraine


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