• Muhammad Ejaz Ahmed
  • Iftikhar Ahmad
  • Saleem Akhtar


Background: Breast screening is a method of detecting breast cancer at a very early stage. Most of thelesions detected by screening are not malignant. Objective of this study was to compare ultrasoundguided fine needle aspiration cytology and core biopsy in the preoperative assessment of non-palpablebreast lesions. Methods: The study was conducted prospectively at Department of Radiology, ShaukatKhanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, Pakistan from March 2004 to February 2005.All the patients underwent fine needle aspiration cytology and core biopsy. Later on, all of them hadexcision biopsy/ mastectomy. Prospectively 80 patients were studied; information was collected on aspecifically designed form according to inclusion criteria. The patient age, sex, medical record numberand side of lesion were recorded. Clinical history of duration of lump was also taken. Informed consentwas obtained. Results: The age of patients were ranges from 20–71 years, with mean of 44.31±11.002and the maximum number of patients 28 (35.3%) was between the ages 50–59 years. The sensitivity ofFNAC was 92.85%, while the specificity of was 90% and the accuracy rate was 92.1%. The sensitivityof core biopsy was 94.64%, specificity 91.30% and accuracy rate was 94.87%. Conclusion: FineNeedle Aspiration has been found to be an extremely useful method for the diagnosis of lumps ofbreast. The accuracy and the sensitivity of diagnosis on fine needle aspiration cytology were high.Keywords: fine needle biopsy, core biopsy, ultrasound guided, non-palpable breast cancer, breast lesion


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