• Riaz A Raja
  • Muhammad Naeem-ur- Razaq
  • Saleem Ahmad Shaikh
  • Hameed Khan


Background: Cervical radiculopathy is a common and distressing problem. Only those patients whofailed conservative treatment should undergo surgery. The anterior cervical disectomy is theprocedure which offers maximal exposure of the disc space. It easily removes the portion of discwhich compresses the nerve root. Possibility of developing late kyphosis from disc space collapsesupported the fusion procedure after single level disectomy. The goal of instrumentation is to provideimmediate stability, increase fusion rate, prevent graft failure, improve rehabilitation process andpossibly no need for external orthosis. Objective of study was To see the results and complications ofcervical disectomy thru anterior approach and fusion and stabilisation with titanium made plate.Methods: This was a prospective study, comprised of 32 patients admitted during period from 2005–2008. Patients presented with radiculopathy or radiculo-myelopathy were evaluated. MRI wascarried out in all the cases. Each patient was carefully evaluated to confirm clinico-radiologicalcorrelation and patients with significant disc and failure of conservative treatment were included inthe study. Results: Males were 28 (87.5%) and female were 4 (12.5%). Twenty patients (62.5%)were in fourth decade. C5-6 was involved in 18 (56.25%) patients. No significant postoperativecomplications noted. Persistent neck and back pain noted in patients in disectomy group withoutplating. Conclusion: Anterior cervical disectomy, fusion and stabilisation with plating is a safe andeasy procedure in single level cervical disc disease without significant complications.Keywords: Cervical disectomy, fusion, anterior approach, cervical platting


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