• Muhammad Babar Imran
  • Sultan Ayoub Meo
  • Mohammad Yousuf
  • Saleh Othman
  • Abubakar Shahid


Image Registration is a process of aligning two or more images so that corresponding feature can berelated objectively. Integration of corresponding and complementary information from variousimages has become an important area of computation in medical imaging. Merging different imagesof the same patient taken by different modalities or acquired at different times is quite useful ininterpreting lower resolution functional images, such as those provided by nuclear medicine, indetermining spatial relationships of structures seen in different modalities. This will help in planningsurgery and longitudinal follow up. The aim of this article was to introduce image registration to allthose who are working in field of medical sciences in general and medical doctors in particular; andindicate how and where this specialty is moving to provide better health care services.Keywords: Medical imaging, Image processing, Image registration, Image fusion, Hybrid imaging,Automation, Robotic medical intervention


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