• Umer Farooq
  • Guo Xiong
  • Romana Irshad
  • Shehzad Yaqoob


Background: Kashin-Beck Disease (KBD) is an endemic osteochondropathy. The disease starts inchildhood and attacks the growth of joint cartilage, the joints become deformed and painful, and theworst forms result in dwarfism. The most frequent joints involved are the finger, wrist, ankles, kneesand elbows. In this study the pattern of joints involved in KBD was studied. Methods: A total of 368patients aged above 13 from 6 villages in endemic areas of the Shaanxi province, located in the northwest of China, were selected through multistage stratified sampling. The patients were diagnosed basedon the clinical criteria for diagnosis of KBD. The patients were administered with a battery ofquestionnaires along with clinical examination for joint involvement. Results: The patients presentedboth as oligoarticular as well as polyarticular pattern. Smaller joints were more frequently involvedwith a proximal-distal pattern. The number of joints involved increased with the severity of the disease.Conclusion: Proximal smaller joints are more frequently involved in the disease. The involvement ofbigger joints takes place in later stages of disease, i.e., in the second and third degree. The pattern ofjoint involvement shows some correlation with Rheumatoid Arthritis which needs further investigationand comparative studies.Keywords: Kashin-Beck Disease, Endemic, Osteochondropathy


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