• Ijaz Ahmed
  • Mohammad Naeem
  • Ambreen Samad
  • Amir Nasir
  • Zahid Aman
  • Siddique Ahmed
  • Fazal Manan


Background: Diverticula of small intestine are rare. Jejunal diverticula can be single or multiple.Diverticula in the jejunum tend to be large and multiple. Clinically they may be asymptomatic ormay give rise to symptoms like pain, flatulence and borborygmi, may produce malabsorptionsyndrome or may present in emergency with different acute pathologies like perforation,haemorrhage, obstruction, enterolith formation and inflammation. The Objective was to see thepattern of complications in jejunal diverticula presenting as a surgical emergency. Methods: Thisdescriptive study was conducted at Surgical Units of the 3 tertiary care Hospitals of Peshawar, for7 years from January 1, 2002 to December 31, 2008. Study included all patients presenting to andadmitted in Surgical Unit, Hayatabad Medical Complex, Peshawar with complicated jejunaldiverticula during the above mentioned period. Name, age, sex, other relevant data, history andexamination findings and results of investigation were recorded. Uncomplicated jejuna diverticulawere excluded from study. The operative findings and the type of complication were recorded.Results: Ten patients were admitted during 7 years of study. Out of all patients 9 were male and 1was female. Eight out of 10 patients presented with perforation of diverticula while 1 patient hadsevere inflammation of diverticulum causing pain, ileus and acute abdomen. One patient had acutepain due to adhesion formation. Conclusion: It is seen that complicated jejunal diverticulae arequite rare and the most common complication is perforation. Inflammation and adhesion are othercomplications with which jejunal diverticula presented during this study.Keywords: jejunal diverticula, perforation, diverticulitis, complication


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