• Muhammad Nadeem Aslam
  • Sidra Shoaib
  • Abdul Majeed Choudhry


Background: Pilonidal sinus disease has been treated for a long time with conventional openexcision technique. The rhomboid flap of Limberg is a transposition flap that has been pleaded fortreatment of this condition. Methods: We present our experience with the Limberg technique forboth primary and recurrent pilonidal sinuses. One hundred and ten patients, with pilonidal sinusdisease were treated with rhombic excision and Limberg transposition flaps. All sinus tracts wereresected en bloc, and the fasciocutaneous Limberg flap was prepared from the gluteal region andclosed it with a suction drain. Results: Full primary healing was obtained in 110 patients, 1 patienthad minimal necrosis of flap and 2 had gaping of flap. Minor infection occurred in 3 patients. Butall these complications healed uneventfully. The average hospital stay was 3 days. Follow upperiod was 1 year and 1 recurrence occurred. Conclusions: Limberg transposition flap is apromising surgical technique to treat pilonidal sinus.Keywords: Pilonidal sinus, Limberg flap, rhomboid transposition flap, fasciocutaneous flap, primary


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