• Babar Sultan
  • Zaheeruddin Quresh
  • Masud Akhtar Malik


Background: Hernia is a protrusion of a viscous or a part of a viscous through an abnormalopening in wall of its containing cavity. Different external hernias present differently and ultimatetreatment is surgical, which is most commonly performed elective operation in the world. Theobjectives were to know the age and gender wise frequency of external hernias in Ayub TeachingHospital, Abbottabad. This retrospective study was conducted at the surgical units of AyubTeaching Hospital from June 2004 to June 2005. Methods: Records of all cases of herniasoperated in Ayub Teaching Hospital during June 2004 to June 2005 were retrieved from theoperation registers of the entire three surgical units available at the operation theatres. The datawas collected on a proforma and was analysed by SPSS-16. Results: Of the 1063 cases, 982(92.38%) were male and 81 (7.62%) were female. Right Inguinal Hernia (RIH) was the mostfrequent as expected, i.e., 44.12%, followed by Left Inguinal Hernias (LIH) 18.72%. Leastcommon hernias were femoral hernias with a frequency of 0.85%. Conclusion: It is concludedthat 85% hernias occur in the groin, with 12% incisional and only 3% hernias occur elsewhere. Toreduce the rate of complications, health education is the most important intervention. For futurehealth planning maintenance of disease register can not be over emphasised.Keyword: External Hernias, Deep inguinal rings, Inguinal ligamnents, Umbilical ring.


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