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  • Javed Iqbal Institute of Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine (IRNUM), Peshawar


Synovial sarcoma is a mesenchymal spindle cell tumour that displays variable epithelial differentiation. It most commonly occurs in lower extremities. Head and neck is a rare site for synovial sarcoma accounting for less than 10%. Larynx is an extremely rare site and only 16 cases with laryngeal location have been reported. Immunohistochemistry is important for correct diagnosis. Surgical excision of the tumour with clear margins and local radiotherapy is effective in local control. Chemotherapy is indicated in the presence of distant metastasis. Case of a 16 years old female is presented with hoarseness of voice and mass in supraglottic region. Lateral pharangotomy and excision of mass revealed synovial sarcoma. She had been treated with adjuvant radiotherapy in September 2012. She was fine and coming for regular follow up.


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