• Sania Tanweer Khattak
  • Mumtaz Ali Marwat
  • Imran ud Din Khattak
  • Taj Muhammad Khan
  • Tabassum Naheed


Objectives: This retrospective analytical study was carried out to observe the frequency of Hepatitis Band Hepatitis C among the pregnant women of Swat. Methods: The study was carried out fromJanuary 2008 to December 2008. It was a retrospective study based on review of records of pregnantwomen admitted to Labour Room of Obstetrics/Gynaecology Unit, Saidu Teaching Hospital, Swat.Patients were screened for Hepatitis B and C by Immuno Chromatographic Technique (ICT) device.The findings were recorded on proforma and analysed. Those found positive on screening test wereconfirmed by ELISA. Results: Total number of patients screened was 5607. The frequency of HepatitisB and C (Combined) was 223 (3.98%), out of which 77 (1.37%) were HBsAg positive, 141 (2.52%)were anti HCV positive and 5 (0.09%) were both HBsAg and anti HCV positive. The frequency ofHepatitis B amongst age groups 14–19 , 20–29, 30–39 and 40–49 years were 2/77, 33/77, 40/77, and2/77) respectively. The frequency of Hepatitis C amongst age groups 14–19, 20–29,30–39 and 40–49years was 4/141, 59/141, 67/141 and 11/141 respectively. The frequency of Hepatitis B and C inmultigravida was 41/77, 67/141, in grand multigravida it was 20/77, 43/141 and in primigravida it was16/77, 31/141 respectively. The frequency of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C amongst urban and ruralpopulation was 32 (39.02%) and 50 (60.98%); and 40 (27.40%) and 106 (72.60%) respectively. Thefrequency of Hepatitis B and C (Combined) in urban, rural population were 72 (31.58 %) and 156(68.15 %) respectively. Conclusion: HBsAg and HCV was common infections in pregnant women ofSwat. Therefore, every pregnant woman undergoing delivery and/or any other surgical procedure mustbe screened for Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.Keywords: Screening, Hepatitis, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HBsAg, HCV, Pregnancy, Swat


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