• Iram Abbas
  • Muhammad Fayyaz
  • Irfan Shah
  • Muhammad Ayub Khan
  • Sadia Haleema Qazi
  • Nadia Munir
  • Ayesha Bibi
  • Masroor Abbasi


Background: This retrospective study was carried out to determine the demographic distributionof Maxillofacial Fractures (MFF) in patients reported to Maxillofacial Surgical Unit, AyubTeaching Hospital, Abbottabad from 2001 to 2007. Methods: All the patients having a history ofmaxillofacial fractures were included according to age, gender distribution and risk factors.Isolated Nasal fractures, Naso-Orbito-Ethmiodal complex fractures and earthquake victims wereexcluded from this study. Results: This study encompassed a total numbers of 952 patients. Maleswere 645 (67.8%) and females were 307 (32.2%) with male to female ratio 2.1:1. Most of thefractures occurred during third decade of life. The most common risk factor was Road TrafficAccident (RTA) n= 70 (38.9%). Most of the fractures were occurred during the month of June,July and August. Conclusion: RTA is still the most common risk factor of maxillofacial fracturesand is more common in male.Keywords: Maxillofacial fractures, Facial fractures and its risk factors, Maxillofacial trauma


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