• Mumtaz Ahmad
  • Qazi Rafiuddin
  • Usman Hassan
  • Ashfaq Ahmad
  • Sajjad Husain


Background: Erectile dysfunction can be defined as the persistent inability of man to achieve penileerection and maintain it sufficient for satisfactory coitus. The objectives of this study were to find outthe impact of successful renal transplantation on the degree and frequency of erectile dysfunction.Methods: Thirty patients of end stage renal disease that were on regular haemodialysis and candidatesof renal transplantation of age range 20–55 years were included in the study after getting informedconsent. Erectile functions were assessed by history, examination, investigations and internationalindex of erectile function (IIEF) before and 3 and 6 months after renal transplantation, otherinformation regarding disease and patient were collected in the performa. Results: Out of thirty patients14 (46.6%) patients had sever erectile dysfunction while 16 (53.3%) patients had moderate erectiledysfunction in the pre renal transplantation period. After three months of renal transplantation 15 (50%)had severe erectile dysfunction, 6 (20%) patients moderate erectile dysfunction and 9 (30%) patientsmild erectile dysfunction. After six months 11 (36.6%), 10 (33.3%) and 8 (26.6%) patients had severe,moderate and mild erectile dysfunction respectively. Conclusion: There was improvement in 40%, nochange in 53.3% and deterioration in 6.6% patients in the erectile functions after getting renaltransplantation for end stage renal disease.Keywords: Erectile Dysfunction, End-stage Renal Disease, International Index of ErectileFunction, IIEF


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