• Farhana Yousuf
  • Gulfareen Haider
  • Nasirudin Muhamma
  • Ambreen Haider


Background: The human immunodeficiency virus/Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome(HIV/AIDS) pandemic continues it deadly assault in different parts of the world. Over 20 millionpeople have died since the first case of AIDS was identified in 1981. Despite increased spending onHIV/AIDS programmes and improved responses by many governments, current global efforts remainentirely inadequate for an epidemic that is continuing to spiral out of control. The objective of this studywas to determine the level of awareness about HIV and AIDS among women attending the obstetricsand gynaecology clinic. Methods: This Descriptive study was conducted in the Obstetric &Gynaecology clinic at LUMHS, Hyderabad Pakistan from 5th July 2007 to 3rd Dec 2007. A total of 178women attending obstetric and gynaecology clinic of age 20–55 years were selected randomly.Information was collected by pre-designed questionnaire to assess the level of awareness aboutHIV/AIDS. Results: About 83.7% women had heard about HIV/AIDS and only 44.3% correctly statedthe difference in HIV/AIDS. Only 41.5% of respondents knew how would infected person present, and55.6% respondents knew that it is transmitted through close sexual relationship, while less than 50%correctly answered about mode of transmission through coughing, sneezing, hand shaking, kissing andear/nose piercing. Among the respondents, 52.2% correctly answered that screening of blood beforetransmission can prevent HIV and only 38.2% respondents knew that HIV is preventable disease.Conclusion: Women demonstrated lack of knowledge regarding HIV/AIDS and there are considerablemisconceptions and myths in certain aspects which need to be clarified through educating women.Keywords: AIDS, HIV infection, women, prevention


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