• Muhammad Naeem
  • Nadim Khan
  • Zahid Aman
  • Amir Nasir
  • Ambreen Samad
  • Abbas Khattak


Background: Breast Cancer is the commonest malignancy of females all over the world and secondleading cause of death due to cancer among females. The aim of this Descriptive study was to see thevarious features of breast cancer in order to know the pattern of disease in the recent time. The studywas conducted from Jan. 2007 to Dec. 2007 in Surgical C Unit, Postgraduate Medical Institute, LadyReading Hospital, Peshawar, Pakistan. Methods: Study included all patients presenting to andadmitted in Surgical C Unit LRH, with carcinoma of breast during the above mentioned period.Name, age, sex, other relevant data, history and examination findings and results of histopathologyand other investigations were recorded. Results: Total of 46 patients was included in the study, outof which there were 46 female and 1 male patients. Most common age group was 40–49 years with14 patients, followed by 50–59 years with 12 patients. Most common type of carcinoma wasinfiltrating ductal carcinoma with no specific features with 38 patients. Other types included 2infiltrating ductal carcinomas of papillary type, 1 mucinous type and 1 medullary type; 3 invasivelobular carcinomas, and 1 mixed lobular and ductal carcinoma. The disease was left sided in 24cases, right sided in 20 cases while it was bilateral in 2 cases. Upper outer quadrant of the breast wasmost commonly involved (n=26). There were 2 cases of stage I, 16 stage II, 20 stage III and 08 casesof stage IV disease. There were 2 cases of grade I, 16 grade II, and 28 cases of grade III.Conclusion: Carcinoma breast is still a common problem presenting at a young to middle age groupwith invasive ductal carcinoma being the commonest variant with a high grade and a late stage ofpresentation due to lack of screening and awareness programs.Keywords: Breast carcinoma


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