• Noshin Wasim Yusuf
  • Naeem Kausar
  • Roheena Akbar
  • Nasir Iqbal


Background: To compare the diagnostic efficacy of commercially available rapid diagnostic testdevices for Dengue serology. To find out the sensitivity and specificity of rapid diagnostic deviceswith Elisa results as the Gold standard. Methods: During the dengue virus epidemic in Lahore apilot study was conducted in order to evaluate the diagnostic efficacy of two most frequently usedimmunochromatographic rapid test devices in public sector hospitals. The results of both the kitswere compared to each other. Sensitivity and specificity was calculated against results of ELISAas the reference gold standard. Results: Results of kit-A revealed a very high false negative ratewhen compared to ELISA where actual prevalence rate shown by ELISA was 96.0% compared toprevalence rate of 44.0% with rapid diagnostic test device kit-A. Similarly the results of rapid testdevice Kit-B showed high false negative results for dengue virus prevalence. Actual prevalencerate of dengue fever shown by ELISA was 96.0% where as it turned out to be 50% with the kit-Brapid test device. Comparison of Results of two kits revealed no significant difference of testpositivity rates. Conclusion: Rapid test devices based on immunochromatographic methodsupplied in the public sector hospitals are not reliable diagnostic tools for screening for denguevirus infection Health authorities need to review their strategy for supply of more reliable toolsduring epidemics in order to avoid false negative results.Keyword: Immunochromatographic rapid test, Dengue virus, ELISA, Screening tests


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