• Imranud Din Khattak
  • Taj Muhammad Khan
  • Purdil Khan
  • Syed Mukhtar Ali Shah
  • Sania Tanveer Khattak
  • Anwar Ali


Background: Up till now about 400 red cells antigen have been identified. The majority are inheritedby Mendelian Fashion. The ABO blood group system was first to be identified and RH blood groupsystem was the 4th one, both are most important for blood transfusion purposes. This study is conductedto determine the frequency of ABO and Rhesus (Rh) blood groups in District Swat, NWFP, Pakistan. Itis a cross sectional prospective study and was conducted at Saidu Teaching Hospital district Swat, overa period of one year. (1st Jan, 2007 to 31st Dec, 2007). Methods: A total of 22897 subjects wereincluded in this study. Patients were collected from different wards of Saidu Teaching Hospital whilethe donors from common population. From each subject blood was collected, ABO and Rh bloodgrouping were carried out by tile method using commercially prepared anti sera. The frequency of eachtype was calculated. Results: Out of 22897 subjects 17141 (74.86%) were male subjects and 5756(25.14%) were female. Out of 17141 male subjects 15597 (90.99%) and out of 5756 female subjects5040 (87.56%) were found to be Rh-positive. The frequency of Rh-negative group in male subjectswere (9.01%) where as in female subjects were (12.22%). The frequency of A, B, O and AB groups inRh-positive male subjects were 25.63%, 29.54%, 26.04% and 9.78%, amongst female subjects, it was24.53%, 28.06%, 25.54% and 9.43% respectively. In Rh-negative male subjects the frequency of A, B,O and AB is 2.25%, 2.88%, 3.01% and 0.88%, while amongst females it is 3.54%, 4.24%, 3.74% and0.92% respectively. Conclusion: It is concluded from this study that frequency of Rh-positive bloodgroup is B, O, A, and AB in both gender. Where as the most common Rh-negative in male and femalesubjects are O, B, A, AB, and B, O, A, and AB respectively.Keywords: ABO blood group, Rh blood group, Swat, Pakistan


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