• Rashid Mahmood
  • Ghulam Jillani Khan
  • Shamim Alam
  • Abdul Jalal Safi
  • Salah uddin
  • Amin -ul- Haq


Background: Almost every individual dislikes excessive and unnecessary noise. Noise exerts various adverse psychological and physiological effects, on human body including a rise in blood pressure. Methods: 117 volunteer medical students, aged 18-23 years were exposed to 90 decibel noise of 4000 hertz for 10 minutes, produced by audiometer in a sound-proof room. Blood pressure was recorded every three minutes. Results: Blood pressure increased during exposure to noise. Average rise in systolic blood pressure was 2.462±0.532 mm Hg and average rise in diastolic blood pressure was 3.064± 1.047mm Hg. Blood pressure came to resting value within two minutes after stopping exposure to noise in more than 50% of the subjects. Conclusion: Systolic and diastolic blood pressure increases due to noise exposure.Key Words:           Noise, Blood pressure, Health


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